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Angry Pumpkins

Introduction Angry Pumpkins

Step into the whimsical world of agriculture and entrepreneurship with Angry Pumpkins, a unique and captivating game that combines the joys of pumpkin farming with the challenges of business management. As the proud owner of a pumpkin patch, your mission is to plant your pumpkins by day and harvest them by night. Collect enough juice to meet your quota, or risk going out of business. In this thrilling pumpkin harvest challenge, players will experience the excitement of managing a pumpkin farm and the pressure of meeting juice production quotas to keep their business afloat.

Daytime Pumpkin Planting

The game kicks off with the daytime planting phase, where players strategically cultivate their pumpkin patch. Choose the ideal locations, plant the seeds, and nurture your pumpkins as they grow throughout the day. The vibrant graphics and cheerful atmosphere create an engaging environment, making the planting phase a delightful experience filled with anticipation for the impending harvest.

Nighttime Pumpkin Harvest

As the sun sets, it's time to reap the rewards of your hard work during the nighttime pumpkin harvest. Navigate through your pumpkin patch, collect the ripe pumpkins, and prepare for the juicing process. The nighttime phase introduces a sense of urgency and excitement as players race against the clock to maximize their harvest and gather the pumpkins needed to meet their juice production quota.

Juice Production Quota Challenge

The heart of the game lies in the juice production quota challenge. Players must carefully manage their resources, optimize their pumpkin patch layout, and strategically plan their harvest to collect enough juice to fulfill their quota. The challenge intensifies as the game progresses, requiring players to hone their time management and decision-making skills to keep their pumpkin business thriving.

Business Management Dynamics

Angry Pumpkins introduces an engaging business management dynamic, where players must balance the demands of pumpkin farming with the financial pressures of meeting quotas. Keep a close eye on your expenses, invest wisely in upgrades for your pumpkin patch, and adapt your strategy based on the changing demands of the market. The game challenges players to make shrewd business decisions to ensure the long-term success of their pumpkin enterprise.

Thriving or Going Out of Business

The outcome of the game hinges on your ability to thrive or face the possibility of going out of business. Meeting juice production quotas ensures the prosperity of your pumpkin patch, while falling short may lead to financial struggles and potential bankruptcy. The game's dynamic nature and strategic depth provide players with a sense of accomplishment as they witness the fruits of their labor or the consequences of their business decisions.


How to play Angry Pumpkins

Using Mouse.


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