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Cardi B Heardle

Cardi B Heardle is  a quiz game centered around music, where players are presented with lyrics of a brand-new song by a well-known artist each day. Players have six chances to select the correct song title from a drop-down menu. If they guess the song wrong on their first try, the game will play a music clip, with the length of the clip increasing with each incorrect guess. After revealing the answer, the game prompts players to use Spotify to listen to the full song and encourages them to share their findings on social media.

Cardi B Heardle sounds like an enjoyable way for music enthusiasts to test their knowledge and listening skills, and it may offer a unique twist on the popular Wordle game format. By incorporating music clips and requiring background knowledge, it adds an extra layer of challenge and engagement for players.


How to play Cardi B Heardle

Using mouse


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