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Monopoly Go

Introducing Monopoly Go

Welcome to the world of Monopoly GO, a digital board game where you advance by rolling the dice and guiding your game token across various property tiles. As you progress through the game, you'll accumulate wealth and expand your property portfolio until you conquer the board and advance to the next challenge.

In Monopoly GO!, the core gameplay involves acquiring properties and progressively building them up. Much like the classic Monopoly game, you'll purchase houses and hotels. However, in this edition, you'll also have the opportunity to develop board-specific landmarks. To progress and clear the board, you must invest your cash in leveling up these landmarks.

Railroad Minigame

Landing on a railroad tile triggers an exciting minigame. In the "Shut Down" minigame, you can attack other players' landmarks and potentially snatch some of their cash. Alternatively, you might hit it big in the "Bank Heist" minigame, depleting your opponents' bank accounts.

A World of Exploration

Monopoly GO! offers a diverse range of experiences for players. You can charge rent to fellow players, draw Chance Cards, pay taxes, bolster your net worth, participate in tournaments, and even experience the woes of landing in jail. The game promises an engaging and multifaceted gaming adventure.

Prepare to embark on a journey through Monopoly GO!, where the roll of the dice determines your fate. Build your property empire, engage in strategic minigames, and experience the ups and downs of wealth and taxation. Whether you're playing with friends or on your own, Monopoly GO! offers a wealth of entertainment and excitement. Keep rolling the dice, strategize wisely, and get ready to share a memorable gaming experience!


How to play Monopoly Go

Using mouse.


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